Is A Cat the Right Pet For You

A Cat as a Pet

So, you decided you want to get a cat. First and foremost, there are several things to consider before bringing any new pet into your home. The first consideration is the time investment. These days you can expect a cat to live upwards of 20 years, and some live several years beyond that. So, the time commitment is a very important one, and one that should be thought through very thoroughly. The second consideration is monetary investment.

Grooming Tools

It does cost money to raise an animal and to keep them healthy. Besides the food and animal eats daily, there are also other items which your cat will need on a regular basis. This includes cat litter, cat toys, grooming utilities, as well as visits to the veterinarian for regular booster shots as well as for visits during times your pet is feeling unwell. Another cost may include that of having your cat spayed or neutered. Some additional items you may need to purchase include a cat carrier so that you will be able to transport your cat safely. You may also need to purchase a cat bed, so your pet has a place to sleep. You will also need bowls for food and water as well as a litter box. If your cat will be going outdoors you should also purchase a collar.

Why a cat?

Mocha, a Snow Leopard Bengal cat on her perch
Mocha on her perch

When it comes to pets, why would someone choose a cat? If you're the type of person that doesn't have the time to take your pet out for a regular walk, then perhaps a cat is right for you. Cats also don't require a great deal of time for training, and that goes as well forgetting your cat to use litter box. If you're bringing home a kitten, usually all that is required is to show your kitten the litter box, and the trading has been done. For someone who spends a great deal of time away from home on the job or travelling from time to time for short periods, a cat can be a great choice for a pet. Cats are generally solitary animals who can spend time alone. It isn't unusual for cat owners to leave their pets alone in the house while they are away for three or four days. If you leave enough food and water out for them, they will be fine.

A Kitten or an Adult Cat?

So, you decided on getting a cat, should it be a kitten or an adult cat? Something to keep in mind if you get a kitten is that they have a ton of energy and are extremely curious. Kittens will get into things that have to be watched so that they don't injure themselves or others. You may find your roll of toilet paper completely unrolled and spread throughout the house with a kitten. If you can keep them in a room that isolates them from getting into trouble, you should have few surprises. Kittens typically remain curious and with high energy levels for their first year or two. Generally, what's a cat surpasses two years of age, they tend to slow down considerably. An older cat will generally settle into a routine and spend much of their time sleeping. That isn't to say that you can't play with an adult cat, but they tend to have much less energy than a kitten.

So that outlines some of the considerations you should keep in mind when deciding if a cat is a right pet for you. Cats make excellent pets and can be great companions. Whether you get a kitten or decide to take in an older cat, it is a pet that you can enjoy and be happy with. If you have other pets in the home, bringing in another cat will generally be no issue as cats are quite well at adapting to most situations.

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